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About Founder

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Evelyn Metellus

Founder Of The Exotic Hair Cares

Exotic Hair Cares is a nonprofit organization, founded by Evelyn Metellus. Evelyn is a master stylist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Her hair care journey began in 1996. After attending nursing school, Evelyn discovered her passion for making people look and feel beautiful. After completing cosmetology school, she worked tirelessly to open her first salon.


Her expertise spans a multitude of techniques, seamlessly integrating health and beauty. She is trained and certified in the most innovative techniques to truly transform every hair type, including hair restoration technology.

After years of running her own successful salon and creating a hair product line, Evelyn decided to form a nonprofit organization to help those suffering from hair loss. Fully funding the project herself, she has used her skill to donate services and customized hairpieces to those in need since 2013. Part of Evelyn’s mission is striving to bring out the radiance within, so even in her charity work she infuses this vision and promise.

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