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 Exotic Hair Cares 

Providing the Gift of Hair


Hair loss due to an illness or condition takes an emotional toll. There’s not only the shedding of hair to grapple with, but at times, the feeling of shedding your sense of self, your identity.


Medical issues in which hair loss is a symptom or side effect of a treatment are widespread. 2 percent of Americans are affected by alopecia areata and about 40 percent of people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.


Exotic Hair Care works to restore confidence and help recipients feel beautiful inside and out with custom hairpieces. The nonprofit organization founded by experienced and reputable stylist, Evelyn Metellus, provides the gift of hair to anyone suffering from hair loss.


They empower their recipients, while applauding donors. They aim to build their community, encouraging volunteers and holding fundraising events to raise money for the creation and donation of hairpieces.


Exotic Hair Cares also works with dermatologists to assist people in the process of receiving a new hairpiece. Their reach is wide, their impact, heartwarming. With their customized hairpieces, recipients can experience a fresh new start, one with beautiful, lustrous locks.


Exotic Hair Cares has been helping those dealing with hair loss feel and look beautiful. Hair donors can make a generous donation; hair recipients are empowered and given the opportunity to regain their self-confidence. Read the heartwarming stories and testimonials of those whose lives have been touched by the organization, and get inspired.


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